What Does the Term Health Coinsurance Mean?


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When you are selecting your health insurance policy,you might have several choices,including a few plans with the option of coinsurance.Before you purchase a new policy,准确理解共保是很重要的。

共同保险,even when you havehealth insurance,每次接受医疗服务时,您仍有责任支付部分费用,whether it's a doctor appointment,测试,hospitalization,或单独的药物处方。


In addition to coinsurance,你还需要支付医疗保险的其他费用,它有助于了解共保和其他费用之间的区别。

  • 保险费:您的健康保险费是您为健康保险支付的金额。If you are getting employer-sponsored health insurance,你通常可以选择从薪水中扣除保险费,这些钱不算你的应税收入。
  • Deductible:免赔额是在您的医疗保险开始支付您的医疗费用之前,您必须支付给自己的医疗服务的预先确定的金额。
  • Copay: Copay is a set amount of money that you must pay for some or all of your medical visits and care.

共保与其他费用不同,因为你的共保费用通常是你护理费用的一个百分比,其他费用是固定的。例如,你的保险费可能是每月500美元,your deductible may be $1500 per year,你每次去办公室的费用可能是30美元。Your coinsurance is usually a percentage of the cost of your health care services—so you may be required to pay 25 percent of the cost of your x-ray and surgery.



例如,你的保险可能定在80/20,which means that the insurance company pays 80 percent of the total bill and you pay the remaining 20 percent.Coinsurance may be as much as 50 percent for some insurance plans.如果你有高免赔额或灾难性健康计划,它甚至可能上升到100%,直到你达到总金额的扣除。

When you have choices of different plans,your premium differs based on factors such as coinsurance,可扣除的,还有警察。当你需要医疗服务时,你期望支付的百分比越高,你每月的保险费应该相对便宜些。High coinsurance usually means lower monthly premiums.

Coinsurance typically contributes to your deductible.一旦你拿到了免赔额,您可能不再对您的保单剩余期限(通常是在本财政年度结束之前)的共同保险承担任何责任。

How Coinsurance Affects the Cost of Your Healthcare

假设你去看医生做常规手术,总费用是125美元。你可能已经付了25美元的现金。Once applied,这张共付票把原单从125美元减到100美元。你和保险公司的共同保险是80/20,which means that you are now expected to pay 20% of the remaining $100 bill,which comes out to be $20.

因此,你这次访问的总费用是25美元的共付额加上20美元的附加保险费,which comes out to a total of $45.


当你确定要选择哪种医疗保险计划时,一定要考虑共同保险的大致成本,要么作为个别保单or during开放招生如果你通过你的雇主得到你的保险。

The out-of-pocket cost of coinsurance can discourage you from seeing your doctor or seeking treatment,so consider that when you are selecting your insurance plan.

很难预测你未来一年的医疗保健需求,and you may decide to try one type of plan one year,接下来看看什么对你和你的家人最有效。

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