Choosing Between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage


Balancing Health Care Costs Original Medicare Medicare Advantage
How do you weigh the benefits of Original Medicare vs.a Medicare Advantage plan?.烟囱红/光电探测器/盖蒂图像

You have a choice when you sign up for Medicare.You can sign up for Original Medicare (Part AandPart B) or you could choose a医疗保险优势计划.Everyone's needs will be different so you must think carefully about what will work best for you.The best way to make a choice is to compare these Medicare options head on.


访问:你可以在全国范围内Medicare providers in all specialties.如果你生活在一个医生短缺的地区,这可能特别重要。In that case,you would likely want access to as many doctors as possible.


Coverage:原来的医疗保险对每个人都是一样的。There is no picking or choosing your coverage.If you want prescription drug coverage,you will have to enroll in aPart D plan.

Monthly Premiums:最初的医疗保险通常比医疗保险优势计划便宜。You pay monthly premiums for Part B every month.Most Americans get Part A premiums for free unless they have not worked more than 40 quarters (10 years) of Medicare-taxed employment.

自付限额:There is no limit to how much you could pay for Original Medicare out of pocket.如果你需要大量的医疗服务,这很快就会变得昂贵。

Savings:如果你的收入和资产有限,you may be eligible to participate in one of the Medicare Savings Plans to keep costs down.Specifically,you can save on共同保险,复印机,免赔额和保险费for Part A,Part B,D部分。

Supplemental Insurance:If you do not have a low income,you can still find ways to keep costs in check.You can add asupplemental MediGap planto help pay for costs that Original Medicare leaves on the table,costs like coinsurance,复印机,以及A部分和B部分的免赔额。


访问:You have a narrow network of providers to choose from in the Medicare Advantage network.如果你在一个医生短缺的地区,this could potentially limit your access to health care.

Convenience:You can choose a Medicare Advantage plan which includes Part D drug coverage,an MA-PD plan.在这种情况下,你所有的健康保险将包含在一个单一的计划中。

Coverage:With Medicare Advantage,you can pick and choose your coverage.Original Medicare does not cover everything.Some Medicare Advantage plans may offer additional health services that you may need.

Monthly Premiums:You still pay Part B premiums to the government but you will also pay a monthly premium for the benefit of a Medicare Advantage plan.This is where Medicare Advantage can become more expensive.一些医疗保险优势计划,however,may be premium free.

自付限额:The federal government sets a limit on how much you can spend onout of pocket costsfor Medicare Advantage plans each year but only for services that are covered by Part A and Part B.The maximum limit in 2015 was $6,700 but the average limit set by private insurers was $3,000 - $4,000.

储蓄计划:You are not eligible for a Medicare Savings Plan if you are on Medicare Advantage.

Supplemental Insurance:如果您享有医疗保险优势,您就没有资格参加医疗保险计划。

Changing Plans

You are not trapped in your decision.You can even change between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans duringdesignated enrollment periods.

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